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WUHAN -- A quantum telecommunication network has been put into service in Wuhan, capital of Central China"s Hubei province, the network builder said Tuesday.

Wu Xiaofeng, deputy director of the Fourth Institute of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, said the network was now used for communication among government agencies in Wuhan. It is the first quantum communication network in central China.

According to a national plan, the network will be connected to other similar city quantum networks along the Yangtze River.

A quantum telecommunication line is also under construction between Wuhan and Hefei, capital of Anhui province.

Anhui is on a 2,000-km quantum communication line in China. Known as the Jing-Hu (Beijing-Shanghai) Trunk Line, it connects Beijing, Jinan, Hefei and Shanghai.

The line is the world"s first trunk line for secure quantum telecommunications.

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